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Mindful Arts for your School

There are 3 programs which have been tailored for students from Reception to year 3, year 4 to year 7 in Primary School years and year 8 to year 10 in high school. We come to your school to teach these programs to your students as part of their lessons in Visual Arts. The programs can be implemented as a 50 minute lesson once a week for 10 weeks (term) or two lessons per week for 5 weeks. In this instance art materials are usually supplied by the school.

Lesson Example:

Each week students will be given a Mindfulness awareness techniques to learn, such as Mindful breath, Mindful Body awareness, Mindful listening, Mindful touch etc. This is usually 10-15 minutes long. The practice allows the students to become more aware of their environment, how they are feeling and how they react to certain things. The visual art work will accommodate each mindfulness task given to the students depending on their age group and understanding. This follows the mindfulness practice between 30-40 minutes. The visual arts mediums used are painting with acrylics and watercolour, pencils, clay and creating visual arts pieces such as collages, mandala creations, landscapes, doodle art, drawing faces and still life drawings.

An example of week 1 for years 4 to year 7 students:

Mindful Breath awareness and Doodle art: Students will learn how to find their anchor breath, being aware how to use their breath in stressful situations and how to use their breath to keep calm. The activity will then allow them to express their breath awareness into creating and designing shapes, patterns and colour to create doodle art drawing from the resources and examples given by the facilitator. This also allows the students to become focused and centred on a task using shape and design to create their own master pieces.


Attention Adelaide Metropolitan Schools:

Take $200 off the full price when you book 2 or more programs conducted on the same day



If you don’t have time for the 10 lesson program, which I highly recommend, what about a 2 hour workshop.

These workshops are designed as one offs and where you can introduce the students to mindfulness and visual arts.
Some workshops available are:

Mindful Touch and Clay Sculpture
Mindful Emotions and Mandalas
Mindful Gratefulness and Collages


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Professional Development for Teachers

In this 3 hour introductory workshop teachers and educators will learn how to use mindfulness in their classrooms and schools.

The workshop includes the history of mindfulness, the benefits of using mindfulness for yourself and your students, how to use it and where to use it.

We will explore a visual arts concept such as collage, clay or still life, and how it can be incorporated into an art lesson, making mindfulness a fun way to explore.

We come to your school or workplace to facilitate this workshop.

Cost: $120 per person (minimum of 4 participants for workshop to go ahead)



Fees will need to be paid in full prior to any commencement of workshops. Please quote your surname or business name as your reference number.


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