Counselling and Psychotherapy Services

Maria provides individual services in Counselling and Psychotherapy


Services Provided are:

Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy.
This is usually 1 hour in duration, providing counselling services in all areas of mental health disorders, disabilities, and general wellbeing. Some issues that might be relevant are trauma related issues, dissociative, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, grief, loss, depression and others. Working on issues in order to find new ways to coping and finding meaning again.

Some integrated techniques in which I have used are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, hypnosis, mindfulness, and expressive therapies.

Creative Therapy is based on visual arts and mindfulness therapy tailored for each individual person. These art sessions are unique and help children, youth and adults develop self awareness and therapy techniques through the use of mindfulness and art. Best suitable for people who wish to find new ways in coping and dealing with anxiety issues.

Many of these sessions are also available for parents who wish to explore mindfulness techniques with their own child. Exploring secure ways to help you and your child develop calming skills together. These sessions are applied with both you and your child in the same therapy session.

We can come to you.

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On-line Counselling: If you prefer, Maria also does on-line counselling. Just send an email of availability so that she can organise a time with you through Skype or FaceTime.
Please note: appointments are available once payment is received:
You can choose either half hour or a 1 hour session.

On-line Counselling Sessions

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